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Can a screen filter match the effectiveness of myopia prevention contacts?

Recent studies have demonstrated that Myopia(known as near-sightedness) which was previously believed to be a hereditary condition is partially caused by increased times spent indoors or working on a near-screen. [ 1, 2 ]

Researchers are beginning to understand the mechanism in the human eye that is causing the abnormal axial growth resulting in near-sightedness, and multiple non-invasive treatment/prevention methods have been proposed, including smart glasses and myopia control contact lenses.

What is Refractify?

Refractify is the worlds first software to apply myopic defocus effect on the screen. Pre-clinical studies suggest that it may slow the progression of myopia or even prevent it.[ 3, 4 ]

This makes the screen look on the retina naturally as if it was at a greater distance. This is possible because there are slight detectable differences in the statistical properties of the light depending on how far it is coming from due to Longitudinal Chromatic Aberration(LCA) and other effects. LCA simulation is being used in computer graphics since at least 2017 to enchance depth perception, but only recently has it gained research interest for its myopia prevention properties.[ 3, 4 ]

Refractify is a software platform for effective simulation of LCA based myopic defocus and other refractive effects on computer screens.


Note: Refractify LLC's goal is to develop medical software based on this tech, but important steps are needed to get there including research, refinement, clinical testing for specific medical conditions, significant changes or rewrites to the software, usage recommendations, etc. Please do not attempt to cure, alter or prevent any medical condition without consulting with your doctor/eye care specialist and especially do not cease any treatment or management that has been approved for you by your doctors.

Refractify MDL browser extension

screenshot showing myopic blurred browser tabFree(open source) for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave, and other browsers. To experience Myopic Defocus on mobile, try Kiwi browser. Firefox does not support Refractify yet. Remember to set effect strength and screen parameters.

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Refractify MDL desktop experience

screenshot showing myopic blurred desktopIntegrates into Microsoft Windows 10/11 Automatically detects monitor size and resolution. Select up to 8 monitors. Calculates the best live myopic defocus effect on screen. Get the the fully optimized software with autostart from Gumroad Store for best experience. The desktop version is not free, but a small one-time payment is requested that supports future development testing and research on the project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Myopic Defocus?

When the object you look at is at a greater distance than the far point of your eye, you experience myopic defocus naturally. This can be simulated on-screen. It is being researched for its myopia prevention properties.

Will it reverse my myopia?

Probably not, but maybe it will slow the progression of myopia, or prevent myopia for children.

Why do you think it will work?

Myopic defocus was tested on tree shrews in 2022, in a controlled test, successfully preventing myopia in a "near work" environment.[ 1 ]

Why do you think it will work on humans?

Myopic defocus is currently being used on humans to slow progression of myopia in the form of bifocal contact lenses. In some cases it has been demonstrated that the human eye reacts to on-scren simulated myopic defocus. [ 2 ]

Is this FDA or EU MDSW approved, etc?

Not yet. But we believe a future version will be registered for myopia prevention. May need significant changes by then. This version is capable of applying myopic defocus to make the screen appear on the retina as if it was more distant. Some people report that it is more convenient to look at.

What do eye care specialists or doctors say if this project will succeed?

Some of the doctors we talked to encouraged us to continue working on this, while others say myopia is 100% genetically determined, therefore it will never be more than a cool effect.

How myopic defocus differs from blue light filtes?

Blue light filters change the spectum of the light emulating the daily natural variation of athmospheric light. Myopic defocus blurs the blue and green colors according to the Longitudinal Chromatic Aberration function, creating an appearance of light coming from a distance. You can use either or both at the same time.


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